Shamanic Practice

Healing    Teaching    Counselling

Heathir Rhyasen

Agent of Change

Working with the respectful application of Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

To provide Shamanic Healing on all levels, treating the whole, Spirit, Mind and Body, returning to oneness, in balance and harmony.

To share Shamanic Wisdom Teachings to guide people to connect with the Helping Spirits, Animals, Teachers, Ancestors and Guides, that are uniquely their own. To reconnect with the Spirit Self, discovering and restoring Spiritual Power and Shamanic Consciousness.

To guide with Shamanic Counselling to learn the necessary skills, rituals and processes to heal themselves, develop their personal cosmology and to become their own Spiritual Authority.

To continue to weave the fabric of our vibrant and ever growing Shamanic Community, fostering connection, love and responsibility for our beloved Earth Mother and all her Children as the mindful, thoughtful Stewards we were born to be.

— Energy Medicine —